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Speakers & Performers





Tad Howard RMT, has been focusing on human anatomy and physiology from the perspective of natural health maintenance for more than 35 years. He has immersed himself in the concepts of Qi Gong, Yoga, Cardiovascular/Strength training, Soft Marshall Arts and Rehabilitative Exercise Program Development. His primary occupation is Medical Massage Therapy as well as Medical Massage Therapy Treatment Design and Development for 25 years. Tad Howard RMT, will be offering a gentle restorative form of Qi Gong at our inner vision conference.


Accessing Your Social Security Benefits


Ruben Herrera, has been with the Social Security Administration for 30 years and is currently serving as District Manager in Alamosa.


Financial Planning for Different Stages of Life


Chris Muecke is a personal financial advisor and a partner/member of Cambridge Financial Advisors, LLC located in Salida, CO. He is a Fee-Only financial advisor and serves as a fiduciary to all of his clientele. Chris has a passion for being a contributing member to our community through ongoing service and education. He is an active member of the Salida Sunrise Rotary Club serving as the club’s President for the 2016-2017 term. Chris also has been a board member and officer of the Salida Chamber of Commerce for several years before stepping down in 2017. He writes a recurring article for The Mountain Mail newspaper in Salida covering various financial topics.


Medicaid Demystified


Linda Warsh, Director of Saguache County Dept of Social Services, has been with the Social Services department for eight years, four in her current position as director. Linda has been a resident in Saguache County for 30 years, ranging in careers from natural resources in the Forest Service and Soil conservation service, to teacher, to the accounting department with the social services. And notably on the farm, growing potatoes and grain that the SLV is so known for.


Naturopathic & Conventional Medical Options


Dr Kim Engard RND, LAc is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor in Colorado and Arizona and has extensive experience in Internal Medicine, Chronic Disease and Toxicology. In addition to her Naturopathic Medical Practice she is a licensed Acupuncturist, Bodyworker, and a Master Medical Herbalist with over 30 years’ experience. In her practice she focuses on curing conditions thru detoxification and clearing blocks that prevent healing in mind body and spirit. She has been a Qi Gong instructor since 1996 and a practicing yogi for 40 years. She is a professional teacher and has taught to medical professionals and the public for over 20 years with recent workshops in Bali and Online. She brings her vast knowledge of different Medical Healing Traditions together in her teaching and practice. She is a practicing herbalist/alchemist and formulates for her herbal medicine company Wildwoods Botanicals that is in its 24th year.


The Future of Your Brain Looks Bright


Mark Talbot has been a ‘neuro-hacker/bio-hacker’ for most of his adult life. Steeped in the world of technology, he has found it necessary to optimize his human performance in order to keep pace with the accelerating landscape of information technology. Join Mark for his talk on nootropics, where you will discover how recent advancements in our understanding of neurobiology, dietary supplements and a generally healthy set of life practices can keep your brain healthy and your whole-being tuned and ready to meet the rapidly changing world we find ourselves in.


Living Safely: What Are Your Resources?


Ellen E. Cox has lived in Saguache County for more than 35 years. Her career with the county has spanned more than 20 years, involving work as Sagauche Town Marshall; clerk, office manager, landfill coordinator, and recycling program administrator for the Road and Bridge Department; within the Sagauche Sheriff’s Department as Dispatcher-Jailer, part time cook, Administrative Clerk, Model Traffic Code Clerk, and Reserve County Deputy. Ellen is currently working at the Sheriff's Office as the County Victim's Advocate Coordinator and is running for Saguache County Commissioner.


Medicare: What Does it Cover?


Carol Riggenbach has been working with seniors for the last 25 years. She began her career as a Certified Nurse Assistant and a social worker’s assistant. She graduated with her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and obtained her Nursing Home Administrator’s license in the 90s. She operated a nursing home and assisted living for 12 years. She then designed The Bridge at Alamosa Independent and Assisted Living and has been operating it since its opening. She just opened her own home care agency as well. Funds from the home care agency go to a non-profit agency which helps seniors who are financially struggling in the US, Mexico and Kenya. She has won awards for her efforts on a regional and national level. She is an Eden Alternative Educator and a Board member for the Colorado Gerontological Society and served on a Governor’s Council to create a statewide plan for the increase in Alzheimer’s and Dementia population. She is also a member of the Alamosa Rotary Club. She speaks on many topics involving Senior Living. She has a passion for the wise ones who have paved the way before us and lives to serve them as they require.